The Tale of Gourmet

Where culinary dreams come true

Luxury food, Innovative flavour and exceptional service are the foundations of Gourmet.

Tailored specifically to each of our clients, focused on providing a unique culinary experience and exceptional service leaving you with distinctive memories to treasure.

Designing personalised menus drawn from our teams acclaimed expertise of the culinary & beverage world creating a showcase of elegance and fair for all to enjoy.

The Words of Others

The Words of Others

“Whilst I’m continuously bemused by their unquestionable skillsets and ability, Gourmet prove themselves again and again as industry ambassadors promoting professionalism, commitment and determination to succeed at every possible opportunity. Their drive and focus prove inspirational and the whole CCS team are always delighted to work with or alongside them whenever we can. Their talent is unquestionable and we look forward to providing continued support in what can only be a very bright future”